About company

Ajinomoto Jawo Sp. z o.o. was founded by two companies.

The first founding company was the Japanese Ajinomoto Frozen Foods company, which is part of the global Ajinomoto Group corporation. The Ajinomoto Group specialises in the production of food and pharmaceuticals and is headquartered in Tokyo. It was founded in 1909 and currently operates in 35 countries around the world with more than 34,000 employees in 123 plants. Its products are known in 130 countries and its net sales amount to 11 billion dollars.

The other founding company was the Jawo  company of Czestochowa, which was founded in 1992, specializing in the large-scale production of hand-made frozen products including pasta dumplings, dumplings, and pancakes. The company boasts several dozen products included in its offer and is continuously working on expanding its offer by introducing new products. The company has received numerous awards for its products. It currently employs about 240 people, and its sales revenues in 2017 reached 41 million zlotys. The production volume is 450 tons of frozen food per month. For several years now, it has been among the top producers holding a significant market share in the category of products based on flour and potatoes according to the research conducted by Nielsen on the Polish food market.

May 2013

Ajinomoto Frozen Foods and Jawo sp. z o.o. signed a cooperation agreement.

July 2013

Jawo launches a special production line and starts the production of gyoza. Japanese dumplings with poultry meat and vegetable stuffing produced in the Częstochowa plant are to be sold throughout the European Union – mainly to France, Great Britain and Germany, i.e. where Japanese cuisine is very popular. While the production cooperation between the companies is in progress, it is decided to establish a joint venture meant as a production gateway for Japanese gyoza for the whole EU. On the basis of the then-current contract with Jawo, Ajinomoto Frozen Foods would not have been able to meet the rapidly growing demand for Japanese foods in Europe.

September 2014

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection [Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów] granted its approval needed for the incorporation of a new company by both Jawo and Ajinomoto. Due to the scale of that project, the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection had to issue its approval for the foundation of such a company.

October 014

Ajinomoto Frozen Foods and Jawo form a joint venture in Poland called Ajinomoto Jawo sp. z o.o.

April 2015

The launch of a new production plant in Częstochowa in Bór Street with a production line for pasta dumplings for the start. The value of the investment amounted to PLN 8 million. The sales of gyoza produced in Jawo for the whole European Union market is handled by Ajinomoto Foods Europe based in Paris, whilst the distributor of gyoza for the Polish market is Jawo sp. z o.o…

June 2018

Opening of the second production line of gyoza.