Broth with gyoza dumplings

An excellent meal to warm up your body in the winter season, but we also recommend it in other seasons of the year. This meal will make you feel energetic again after a hard day. The broth is a real power food. Read More

Gyoza tempura

Tempura is a kind of batter made with breadcrumbs. It was brought to Japan by Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century. It is common to fry different foods in different kinds of batter including batter made with breadcrumbs, but you really must try to make it according to our recipe. Read More

Gyoza maki

Japanese sushi is traditionally eaten with your fingers and this is how native Japanese eat this dish, thus paying due tribute to this artisan dish. In Europe, however, sushi is eaten with chopsticks, because eating meals with one's hands is found unacceptable. Read More